What not to miss in Italy

Italy is one of those travel destinations that everyone surely puts on their bucket list. Undoubtedly it is a lovely travel destination and has so much to offer for its visitors that you wouldn’t want to miss for sure. So to make your planning process less complex we have got everything that is a must do to make your trip unforgettable and memorable.  

Things not to miss when in Italy

  • The Grand Canal in Venice
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Your trip to Italy is incomplete without taking the famous gondola ride through the Grand Canal in Venice. It’s a great fun and you get to experience the sightseeing and atmosphere around, you’ll also see the great palaces built on its sides which were once owned by rich and powerful people. In short this beautiful ride through the canals will add a very good experience to your trip that you’ll cherish forever.

  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
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One of the most known tourist attractions of the world is Leaning Tower of Pisa that exists in Italy. You can experience its best view by climbing up the stairs and looking at the most mesmerizing view from that height. All of it is made up of alluring medieval stone carving by very talented architects and is a must visit tourist attraction of Italy.

  • Lake Como
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Lake Como is a beautiful location surrounded by mountains all over. It is also one of the most picturesque places in Italy where you can definitely click tons of selfies and photographs to make your Instagram feed all fancy and pretty. The climate is also mild making it good place for the tourists to sit and spend their time at the garden and have a great time with their loved ones.

  • Vatican City
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Vatican City is the smallest city in the world and a beautiful one too. This city is famous for its amazing art collections. Basilica of St. Peter is a great tourist attraction of the city. Many great artists have worked beautifully in Vatican Palace day and night making it a must visit place. Vatican City is a place with priceless beauty and great art work.

  • Capri
courtesy : Zicasso

Besides the gondola ride, another exciting thing to do in Italy is taking a boat ride from Naples, Sorrento, or The Amalfi Coast to the famed Isle of Capri. You get to experience a breathtaking view from each and every corner. Villa San Michele has indeed the most mesmerizing view on the island from its gardens. The Blue Grotto is one of those tourist spots in Italy where tourist like to come more often to enjoy the boat ride and look at the blue sea, steep and rocky islands, craggy cliffs, green pines and tropical plants.

  • Enjoy wine in bars

Italy, besides being extremely beautiful and treating its visitors with so many magnificent tourist attractions, it is not at all laid back at its food and drinks. Another way to enjoy supremely in Italy is by enjoying wine at the local bars. The popular Italian wine is served with a plate of regional cheese and cold meats for its visitors to enjoy.

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