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Traveling is a therapeutic process for most people, it instantly changes the mood of a person and makes them cheerful. But however fun these trips are they can extremely expensive so to make your life easier, here we have listed all the cheap travel destinations that you can visit and enjoy without putting a hole in your pocket.

  1. Thailand
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Thailand is the best example of having a fun trip on budget. Let’s start with food, street food in Thailand is cheap, delicious and mouth-watering. So skipping the luxurious restaurants would be worth it. Using public transport, booking hotels online, purchasing alcohol from convenience stores will all help you in a lot of cost cutting. You might as well rent a bike and explore the streets of this beautiful country. Thailand might be a cheap country but the fun experience you’ll have there is incredibly rich.

  • India
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If you are on a budget but still want to have an interesting and fun vacation, India is the best place for you. India is a gorgeous country having magnificent monuments, great cuisine, beautiful and sandy beaches, admirable mountains and of course amazing people. The country offers mostly everything at an affordable price so for budget travelers India is 100 % suitable.

  • South Africa
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South Africa is famous for its wildlife and safari and guess what you can explore all this on a budget. Whenever you visit South Africa don’t forget to go to Hluhluwe-Imfolozi to watch white rhino and various other animals. Hiking is also a very good option to do it is an adventurous experience with lots of fun and excitement. Another place that tourists enjoy in South Africa is its port city, Cape Town to watch its amazing landmarks such as Table Mountain without having much cost involve.

  • Istanbul, Turkey
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Istanbul being a part of both Europe and Asia is a beautiful city. Though it is one of the most alluring cities of the world, it is still possible for you to enjoy the city even on being on a budget. Best way to explore the city is by wandering through the streets in ferry. Istanbul has various attractions that tourist enjoy such as Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace and the most fun place to pass your time is The Grand Bazar, it is the biggest and oldest market of the world. It is often regarded as a shopping mall of the city as it has so many shops. Almost around 61 streets are cover with shops. Here you can buy beautiful stuff to take back to your home at affordable price.

  • Shanghai, China
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Shanghai, China surely has the most amazing and delicious street food to offer. Dumplings that are now cherished by the people all over the world became popular from here. This delicious food is very much affordable. Exploring Shanghai’s streets on foot is probably the most fun and adventurous ways. Finding cheaper accommodation is not much of a task in this city. So for all our budget travelers Shanghai is definitely a must visit.

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