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While planning about a trip, it is always better to know about the place thoroughly and the further steps must be taken while keeping in mind about the culture, traditions, society, and heritage of the place and lifestyle of the people living there. Here are certain things you must keep in mind while traveling to Germany.

  1. Obey the rules
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People of Germany are conformists so when you visit their country you must do the same. Germans always follow even the smallest rules for example they never skip the traffic lights. They are super disciplined and expect their visitors to also obey the code of conduct.

  • Punctuality
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One very good thing that Germans follow is being punctual. People there give and take no excuses for being late on social and business appointments. This habit should definitely be inculcated by the visitors to bring in their own country.

  • Bring more cash than cards
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Keeping cash is very important in Germany as many of the shops and stores don’t keep card machines with them and so it becomes difficult for those who just carry cards. Never forget to keep the Euros handy to avoid running to the ATM to draw money again and again for the smallest of requirements.

  • Sunday offs
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Germans take Sunday as a day off and relax. Shops, supermarkets and pharmacies are kept shut on Sundays. But visitors need not worry there are still a bunch of things you can do in Germany on a Sunday to make your day fun like visiting the museums and art galleries, you can also go out to have some great food as most of the restaurants remain open even on Sundays.

  • Language
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Languages like German and English are spoken in Germany but not much of the local people understand and speak English so it is advisable for the visitors who are planning a trip to Germany to learn the basics of German. It would avoid confusion in most cases and would also be interesting for you to learn and know about a new language.

  • Transportation in Germany
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Taxi is very expensive in Germany so if you want to save money and not spend it all on just transportation, then you must choose public transport like buses and it can be even cheaper if you book the tickets well in advance. Even if you are on a budget during the trip, public transport will help you a lot.

  • Smoking
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You might be surprised to know that smoking is allowed in restaurants in Germany. Although the order came to ban it a few years back the people disagreed to admit it and still continue to smoke in public.

  • Trying out Germany’s cold beer
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Germany is very famous for its beer and is loved by all. Also, it is completely normal to sip some cold beer in the hot summer afternoons during your lunch. Berlin is the center of the beer revolution and offers so many tastes for you to choose from.

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