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Spain is a beautiful country mostly known for its unique culture, marvelous architecture, outstanding food and drinks, magnificent festivals and pretty beaches. But there is much more than just this to the country. Here are some out of the box fun facts about Spain.

  1. Spain discovered chocolates

Chocolates are something which are available at every household these days and are enjoyed by people of all age groups but it wasn’t the case earlier. Interestingly chocolates were discovered by Spain first. In Spain, chocolate at first became famous as a drink and was served to then king of Spain. People back then used to consider it as food for nobles.

  1. Being nude is legal

Nudity might be an illegal thing all around the world but due to the extreme burning hot and dry summer you would want to tear your clothes off when in Spain. People are often seen nude sunbathing at the beach to get some good tan and it is normal there, no one considers it as a big deal.

  1. Special Christmas

People in Spain celebrate Christmas and New Year in a very unique and special manner. Instead of Santa, children in Spain receive their gifts from Three Wise Men. Also instead of December 25th (Christmas), children receive their gifts on January 6th. Another interesting tradition is to have twelve grapes on the midnight of New Year’s Eve in order to welcome the New Year, if a person is able to successfully finish 12 grapes at every stroke of midnight then he is said to have the year of good luck.

  • Spain is multilingual
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Although Spanish is the main language of Spain, spoken by majority of people but there are more languages also that are used in Spain. Other languages spoken in Spain are Catalan, Basque, Galician and Aranese. All these languages are spoken and understood by most people around the country making Spain a multilingual country.

  • Spanish love chilling
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Spanish people believe in taking rest and calming their minds down instead of running behind money and success 24/7. They like to take it a little easy and do not burden themselves with loads of work and deadlines. According to the report it is said that on an average Spanish people take 16 out of 24 hours for chilling. This time includes eating, sleeping, drinking etc.

  • La Tomatina festival
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La Tomatina festival is celebrated grandly by Spain in the month of August. People are gathered at a place and are made to throw tomatoes at each other. Before throwing the tomatoes it is mandatory to squish them to avoid any kind of injuries. More than 150,000 tomatoes are thrown on this day every year making it one of the biggest festivals in Spain.

  • Running of the Bulls Festival

Amongst various unique practices performed in Spain, the festival of running of bulls is the most dangerous one. This country does not let you have a single dull moment once you are there. In this festival you are made to wear a red cloth and then you are made to be chased by bulls. A lot of tourist visit the country just to experience this unique festival.

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