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Amongst one of the most famous Island in the country exists Santorini. It has a breathtaking beauty. There is surely something about this place that forces people to visit it from all around the world and explore its picturesque beauty. The shape of the Island which is in a form of half moon which is attractive enough to click some amazing photographs, not to forget the island’s local tavernas which serves fresh and delicious Greek food so close to the ocean. This travel guide will provide you with everything that you need to know before your visit.

One of the top question that comes in the minds of the visitor’s is how to spend time in Santorini what to do once we are ther? And if something simialar crosses your minds too then don’t worry we’ve got you sorted.

Watch the beautiful sunset

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One of the most desirable things that you can experience in Santorini is watching the beautiful sunset. A lot of people visit this place just to watch the mesmerizing sunset. One of the best places known for its sumset in the island is Oio. It is an amazing place and people visit here to enjoy with their loved ones and taste fabulous food in the restaurants around it. Another place to experience the alluring sunset is Fira, which is an equally picturesque town.

Explore the alluring beaches in Santorini

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The most wonderful spot to relax and enjoy during your trip to Santorini are beaches. Beaches in this island are named on the bases of color of the sand in that particular island. So there exists Red Beach, because the sand color there is rusty red in color due to the cliffs surrounding it.It is one of the most famous beaches of Santorini, the next is White Beach it is an excellent spot for swimming, another one is Kamari beach it has quite a few bars and restaurants around it and is a very famous place to hangout with your mates during the trip.

Another interesting thing you can do in Santorini is WINERY

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There are a few wineries in Santorini where you can pay a visit for lovely views and delicious wine.  Like many Wineries having great views there exists Santos Wines Winery, you may also want to visit Megalochori Winery or Venetsanos Winery as it is anamazing place for conducting weddings as this venue is luxurious and is definitely one of the most beautiful places for a wedding in the world having a breathtaking view.

Picturesque places in Santorini

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In a world of Instagram, everyone wants to click their pictures with an eye catching view. So here are some of the places you can go for a memorable experience and capturing the magnificent beauty of the island

  1. Franco’s Bar

Franco’s Bar is one of the most iconic spots if you want some lovely Instagram pictures and it is also perfect place to click selfies.

2. Loizos Santorini

Loizos Santorini is a little place with crisp white walls making it a picture pefect place.

Food in Santorini

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Finding delicious and inexpensive food in Santorini is not much of a task. Even though you have decided on a budget in Santorini, or you just want to save a bit of cash for something else, it won’t be a problem at all.  Bakeries generally stay open 24/7, and serves delicious pastries and also are specialized in wedding cakes and even serve homemade gelato. They are open late night for serving the late night clubbers so going here for a late night treat is also a great option. While exploring the restaurants you’ll come to know about Salt and Pepper in Fira, this restaurant is an average priced offering solid Greek food and a quite a lot of international dishes too, Ouzeri, another great restaurant serves outdoors and has a cozy vibe. To conclude if you’re in Santorini, you’ll find cheap and marvelous food there which you’ll relish forever..

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