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Aruba is one of the small and adventurous islands of the world, having a variety of mesmerizing beaches, trees and luxurious places to stay in making this destinaton suitable for everyone who desires to visit it. Aruba offers a variety of things to explore and do in the island be it looking for the best places to see or what to do? This travel guide of Aruba will help you with everything you need to know before going out so that you don’t miss out on any fun and infact have the most fun during the trip.

Things you should not miss when in Aruba

  • Go beach hopping

Beach hopping initiates from the sparkling white sand and is a pure paradise. It goes on to the warm breeze swiftly touching the palm trees, the crystal clear water, and colorful marine life, the most pleasing things during beach hoping are sunshine, sandy toes and warm turquoise water. Beach hopping in the Caribbean are definitely what dreams in real life look like.

  • Snorkeling in the cruise
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Snorkeling is one thing you don’t want to miss out if you’re looking forward to an adventurous trip.

Aruba’s weather is amazing throughout the year. The of temperatures of air and water doesn’t change a lot. So you can snorkel any time throughout the year. Snorkeling in Aruba consists of swimming along with a variety of fish. Usually the water level 12 feet or less. The colorful tropical fish are fun to see from so close by.

  • Try the delicious cuisine of Aruba
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The Aruban cuisine is a perfect mix of 3 influenced meals namely, Caribbean, Latin American and Dutch along with its own Aruban twist. In the lavish menus of the restaurants and cafes lots of fresh fish and seafood, fried delicious goodies, light fish soups and hearty stews can be seen. This variety of delicious food also comprises of some of the most popular traditional foods that you must try while you’re in Aruba. Food items like Stobas which are commonly known as stews then you will also find Frituras, Keshi Yena and a lot more sea food which you’ll definitely relish are staples of Aruba and are enjoyed by the tourists from all over the world.

  • Horseback Riding
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There exists so many ways in which Aruba can be explored but the most adventurous one of them is on a horse by doing horse riding. It is not compulsary to be an experienced rider to experience the horseback riding tour. all ranches have perfectly trained horses who are friendly, also knowledgeable tour guides are present for any help required. Most of the ranches allow children of 6 years and above to ride their own horse and the children below this age group are allowed along with their parents or some guardian on the same horse. The ride goes through the National Park, crossing the Sand Dunes, Natural Pool and some Natural Bridge, but there is also an option to choose for a relaxing ride along Aruba’s coastline and take an interesting tour of the nature if that is your choice.

  • Explore Arikok National Park
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If you are visiting Aruba without paying a visit to Arikok National Park then your trip is surely incomplete. Every tour will take you to some different place, for example the Ayo Rock Formations or the caves in general they all take you up and down rocky roads in a Jeep and you can either take a driver along with you or try self driving an ATV in a group along with a guide. Some of the Jeep tours become even more exciting as they stop in Arikok National Park by the cave which makes it more adventurous and exciting.

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