Top 7 Travel Essentials to Carry Post Corona

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As everything is opening eventually travel is going to start in no time. People will soon be flying to meet their families and friends who live far away and would want to experience the exotic vacations with their loved ones, after the great lockdown. But not to forget with everything opening corona has still not exited the world but we can always take the precautions while traveling. Here are some of the essentials you must take care of while planning about your travel.

Travel essentials post Corona

  1. Being mindful of what to touch

As we know Corona is spreading with great acceleration, it’s important to be mindful when using devices or touching surfaces that others have used too, such as ATMs, check-in machines, escalators. Use a generous amount of sanitizer whenever you touch any of these surfaces and be careful not to touch your face.

2.Minimize Human Contact

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Try to rely on technology and automation whenever possible. Get your boarding pass from the machine and sanitize your hands afterwards. In terms of food and retail outlets within the airport, try not to touch common surfaces, maintain the recommended six-foot distance from the staff, and try to pay using contactless options

3.Making an essentials list

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While moving out of your house do not forget few items that you should carry with you while travelling. These items can help you maintain a certain level of hygiene and prevent contact with disease-causing respiratory droplets. Your list should include a hand sanitizer with more than 60% alcohol content, disinfectant wipes, tissues, and a face mask.

4. Prefer window seats in the flights

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Obviously everyone will not be able to manage to have it due to limited window seats. Preferring window seat would be a better option because a study has said best way to avoid germs on a plane is to sit at a window seat and remain seated for the course of the flight. Infected passengers will most likely not infect people sitting farther than two seats beside them or one or two rows in front or behind. Risk of indirect transmission can be eliminated by keeping hands clean and avoiding contact with eyes, nose and mouth.

5.Say no to water in planes


According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the water from airplane water tanks is not always clean, so drinking tea or coffee, which is usually made from this water and not bottled water, might not be a good idea. It is better to take your own water bottle wherever possible.

6.Sanitize your surroundings

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Proper sanitization and cleanliness of the surroundings is very important. While taking your seat, do a quick scrub down of the hard surfaces around you with disinfectant wipes. The back of the seat in front of you, the seat flap, the tray table, the arm rests, are all surfaces where infectious respiratory droplets can remain alive. Be sure to allow the surfaces to remain wet for the time it takes for the disinfectant to work and to not use wipes on soft surfaces, such as upholstery which would leave an uncomfortable wet seat and spread the germs out further. And dispose the wipes or tissues as soon as you have finished using them.

7.Stay Home If You’re Sick

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Besides focusing on how to protect ourselves from the disease, we also have to think about preventing ourselves from spreading it. It is advised to wait for a minimum of 24 hours after a fever has completely abated before stepping out. It’s important to think about everyone. Staying safe and keeping others safe should be the prime moto.

Covid is still not eliminated from the world but it definitely will one day till then taking care of these few things and taking proper precautions will help us fight with the pandemic even faster. Travel is not same as before but can be fun with accepting the new normal.

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