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There is simply such a great amount to see and do in Prague that you’re not going to be shy of things to browse as you plan your excursion. To truly see Prague, it’s ideal to visit for four to five days. That will permit you to see every one of the primary destinations and get a feeling of the city’s way of life. Be that as it may, to make it short and straightforward for you, these are the top should-visit spots to experience when in Prague.

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Stroll around Petrin Park
Petrín Park is the city’s greatest and most delightful park, with clear perspectives on Prague. You’ll discover a nursery, a labyrinth, and a post pinnacle that appears as though the Eiffel Tower. You can climb the 299 stages to the highest point of the pinnacle and get an amazing perspective on Prague (on a sunny morning, you can see the Czech Republic’s most noteworthy pea, Snezka, some 150km away). What I love about this broad park is that it is so natural to get lost among the trees. Ways wander all through, and it’s a loosening up differentiation to the hordes of the notable community. Remember that this park is on a major slope and strolling to the top can be exhausting. There is a funicular that can bring you down (or up) the slope in the event that you don’t want to make the journey.

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Visit the John Lennon Wall
After Petrín Park, head down towards Kampa, a neighborhood by the stream, and visit the John Lennon Wall. Around the finish of Communism during the 1980s, understudies began composing John Lennon verses on this divider as an approach to air their complaints. Today, the divider addresses love and harmony. Sightseers are permitted to compose or paint on it as well.

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Unwind on the waterfront
It’s been a taxing day, so unwind in Kampa with a satisfying beverage, some food, or an espresso. There are various engaging eateries and bistros around there. To arrive, simply continue to stroll toward the waterway from the John Lennon Wall. You’ll cross a little scaffold and there you are! You’ll discover loads of spots to eat, sit, and unwind, and when you’re set, you can stroll across the renowned Charles Bridge back toward the downtown area.

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Experience Vyšehrad

While Prague Castle gets all the adoration, Vyšehrad, situated in the southern piece of the city, was likewise one of the first palaces of the lords of Prague. It was worked around the tenth century and contains Prague’s most seasoned enduring structure, the Rotunda of St. Martin. Barely any travelers at any point come here, so you’ll get the palace and its perspectives on Prague to yourself. It
additionally offers great upriver perspectives on the city.

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