Top 7 Photogenic Places in Europe

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With the mystic mountains, huge palm trees, shimmery beaches accompanied by instagrammable cafes and restaurants, you in the picture is all that’s missing. Yes, we are talking about the best photogenic places in Europe. There is no other place in the world like Europe! Starting from the natural scenery to the historic monuments, there is so much to make Europe and your pictures elegant and divine. Tourists get attracted towards its beauty and hence look forward for the most photogenic places, to take back the ravishing beauty with them forever in the form of photographs and cherish them for a lifetime.

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Venice, Italy
Venice is one of the most important destinations to visit when in Europe besides its dazzling beauty it is also famous for its art and architecture. The ‘city of canals’ or ‘the floating city is one of the most picturesque cities of Italy. With its winding canals, striking architecture, and beautiful bridges, Venice is a popular destination to travel to.
A gondola ride is part of the Venice experience tourists itching for a ride on a
gondola and therefore the gondolier call the shots Gandola ride adds on to the
the charm of Venice.

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Provence, France
Provence is definitely a photo-worthy place. The tree-lined routes and the villages passing by are breathtaking. The waterfall running through the center of the village further adds to the charm. Opportunities to click pictures are never-ending be it landscapes, street scenes, adventure photography, or coastal coves. most alluring and culturally intriguing places in the world. The best time for photos is market mornings of Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday when you’ll find fresh produce, flowers, and antiques to photograph alongside the colourful street scenes. The late evening can be beautiful too with dimly light streets
offering a great chance for moody shots!

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Amalfi Coast, Italy

The beaches of the Amalfi Coast have a mixture of intimate pebbly coves, long
stretches of golden sand, crystal blue sea, and the enveloping towering cliffs
that make the place all the more beautiful. Amalfi consists of many beautiful towns and villages along the coast but Positano is one of the most photogenic. Gorgeous pastel villas clinging to the mountainside, exclusive boutiques, cosmopolitan restaurants, and very cute pebble beach are very photo-worthy places.

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Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is popular for its colorful streets, offering seclusion and serenity. The
lakeside town of Hallstatt is the most beautiful place in Austria it’s like experiencing fairy-tale in real life. While visiting Austria, Hallstatt is a must stop for some fascinating pictures. Charming little lake village with vibrant houses is worth taking snapshots of. Hallstatt is surrounded by lakes, mountains, and beautiful cottages which makes the place look like paradise and photogenic.

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Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher is a generous gift from nature offering us the reefs, the horizon,
the wind, cirrus, and meadows. It’s no wonder why it’s been a top tourist
destination and one of the most gorgeous places to click some amazing pictures.
Beautiful wildflowers and grasses cloak the cliffs in spring and summer. From the top of the cliffs dolphins, whales, and seals can often be spotted and the tourists love capturing such moments as they are so photogenic. Cliffs of Moher is the second most popular tourist destination in Ireland. This natural wonder is a spectacular place to visit, for young and old, for nature lovers and photographers.

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Zlatni Rat, Croatia

Croatia is one of the top contenders in entire Europe when it comes to
scenery. The alluring coastline with its sunny beaches, shimmering waters, and
clusters of walled, red-capped towns are definitely eye candy. Castles, caves,
ancient ruins, historic cities, café-lined courtyards, emerald forests, turquoise
lakes, and show-stopping waterfalls are uniquely beautiful. Zlatni Rat is Croatia’s gift to aerial photography. Zlatni Rat a popular spot for both sunbathers and windsurfers which adds another reason for the explorers, photographers to visit this place.

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Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is one of those places of Europe that have been given the tag of ‘Picture Postcard Perfect’. This beautiful lake is a natural wonder packed with
experiences and picturesque scenery. Lake Bled is set in some of the most breathtaking countryside scenery. The alluring architecture still lies in place today which attracts a lot of tourists to experience the fascinating history and clicking a lot of pictures to carry the memories with them forever. During the summer months, various cultural events are held in its courtyards overlooking the lake.

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All the continents are mesmerizing creations of God. Each of them has
an abundance of beauty to its visitors. Europe is one of the most beautiful continents and has a lot of eye-pleasing tourist spots that should be experienced by everyone at least once in a lifetime. And of course, you can carry all the crazy memories along with you in the form of photographs and cherish them for the rest of your lives.

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