Top 5 Luxury Airports in the World

Can you imagine, how luxurious airports and planes will be in the next 10 years?

Stop imagining and start reading! Dig in to surprise yourself to witness true magic. Read on to check out these amazingly luxuriously airports in the world that should definitely be there in your bucket-list If its not, go update it.

  1. Singapore Changi Airport:
    It is one of the most famous and according to the research it is said that Singapore airports are lavishly on the top so far. Being a huge airport receiving millions of passengers, it has 2 parallel tracks and 4 parallel terminals. This airport is really big and designed magically alluring way. However, this airport does not only has beauty to offer along with that, the airport serves over 60 million passengers every year. The most amazing part about this airport is that they have a movie theater that all the passengers can access while they are waiting for their flight.
Picture Courtesy: Travel + Leisure

2. Tokyo Haneda International Airport in Japan:
If we check according to the ranking, Tokyo Haneda International airport in Japan is on the second number. However, if we see sanitization this should be on the top in 2013, 2014, and 2016. Tokyo airport was awarded as the cleanest airport in the entire world. There is no such extraordinary thing about this airport but the well structure and well maintained beauty which you will find in this airport makes it a must visit and most importantly all the plus points go to cleanliness.

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3. Dubai International Airport:
Dubai is a name that is synonymous to luxury itself. As we all know that Dubai international airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. The management gets full points here because you will not see any hustle-bustle at the Dubai airport everything is so smooth. Dubai international airport also offers you complimentary showers, sleep, relaxing spas, and some amazing shopping points where you can spend your time and shop from your favorite places. Right now the Dubai international is under construction once it will be completed, it is said that this is going to be the largest airport in the world.

Picture Courtesy: CovetED Magazine

4. Incheon International Airport South Korea:
This airport is one of the most beautiful airports, you will fall in love with the interior, infrastructure, and the way they have maintained the airport. It is quite shocking but since 2015 Incheon airport is constantly rated as one of the best airports. This airport also offers you some great activities such as games, a golf course, casino, and spa. You can enjoy all these activities and have the most amazing time.

Picture Courtesy: Money Inc

5. Lyon – Saint – Exupery Airport:
This airport is not that famous as other airports. However, Lyon airport is found to be one of the most beautiful ones. This airport has all the designs and infrastructure from the famous Spanish architect named Santiago Calatrava who is very famous and has designed many other beautiful places. This is the reason which makes it even more beautiful.

Picture Courtesy: Chamonix

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